Sunday, 19 March 2017

LONDONE: Day #2 in the Capital

It was another early start on Day 2 in the capital city and a long day at that: that meant no to boots and yes to trainers. From Russell Square we took the tube to South Kensington to visit the grand Victoria and Albert Museum which I had been waiting soooooooooooooooooooo long to see! If I don't visit a museum which has my name in it then I am disappointed in myself so finally I could tick this off my endless list of attractions I want to see in my lifetime (Victoria Falls next please?)

When we arrived and walked into the museum, and I will be honest, I did not expect it to be massive inside. The decoration, the exhibits on display and just the feeling to be somewhere which is internationally famous made me feel peaceful and serene. The main reason for the visit was to see the underwear exhibition, seeing the history of what we dress ourselves in first thing during the day and being ever so close to designer wear, including pieces from Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen (my Queen and King of fashion - brb kinda fangirling!) Unfortunately, photography was off limits and I didn't have a little sketchpad with me, so I'll describe it for you here in three words: revealing, astounding, cheeky, beautiful, inspiring, gorgeous, #lingeriegoals

BUT BEFORE THAT, we killed the time walking around the quaint fashion exhibition there: past and present fashion is how I would best sum it up. I loved it because well 1) it's fashion and 2) good research for my fashion collection I'm working on at the mo. I'll stop talking and leave you to look at the piccies yourself (I know I blab on):


Lanvin - 1936. Yes please. 

Hips don't lie between 1755 - 1760 though

What I love about going to fashion exhibitions like this is I can really understand why such a garment was the fashion of that time. What I also love about seeing old fashion is questioning why and how and what in the world was going through their heads?? Take the fashion of the 1750's for example: wide-hooped skirts are a bit of an understatement to describe these enormous hip-enhancing structures that would take about half an hour (maybe more) to sit down on the loo...If women weren't fashionably late back in this day I would LOVE to know how they were on time. In all seriousness though, it is inspiring. The detail, the intricacy and the artistic nature the garments have are sublime - all the more reason to love fashion more and more.

After the V & A and a little lunch break in South Kensington, it was time to become a little kid again and everything in the museum came to life like in Night at the Museum, but nothing happened, If the spiders came to life, you would see a Vikki-shaped hole in the walls. Anyway, the place was vast! The museum kept going and going and going and going but I love my history and love exploring new places. There was even an area where you could experience what a earthquake would be like in a was a tad scary but still educational enough! I mean, if you haven't been, you should definitely go and visit to see everything there. You walk in, and you go up an escalator into what I can only describe as a asteroid or something like that - TRUST me, it's cooler than it sounds if you're like me.

Back on the tube we go to Covent Garden for a cheeky Nandos and a wander around the infamous market. Honestly, the atmosphere was so friendly and it was obvious that people we're loving selling their trade. There was a 4-person violinist band really getting into the spirit of things and it really did make it a cheerful place to be, especially as I was getting tired at this point in the day. I bought a cute little cat bag for mum for her birthday (which was today and FYI it's safe to say it was a good spot by moi) and there were other things I would've easily purchased too but I was careful with my money.

Covent Garden you hide beautiful surprises

So yes, we dined in Covent Garden before heading back to the hotel in Russell Square for a night in. The pain in our feet had doubled and frankly, my pyjamas were calling to me. The next and final day would prove to be another exploring day: a visit to the Tate Gallery and walk along the River Thames after travelling to Borough Market. Here's another little sneak peek for those of you who cannot wait:

All being well, Londone: Day #3 will be uploaded in a few days....but don't hold your breath just in case! 

Have a lovely Sunday evening and much love! 
V A x

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