Sunday, 19 March 2017

LONDONE: Day #2 in the Capital

It was another early start on Day 2 in the capital city and a long day at that: that meant no to boots and yes to trainers. From Russell Square we took the tube to South Kensington to visit the grand Victoria and Albert Museum which I had been waiting soooooooooooooooooooo long to see! If I don't visit a museum which has my name in it then I am disappointed in myself so finally I could tick this off my endless list of attractions I want to see in my lifetime (Victoria Falls next please?)

When we arrived and walked into the museum, and I will be honest, I did not expect it to be massive inside. The decoration, the exhibits on display and just the feeling to be somewhere which is internationally famous made me feel peaceful and serene. The main reason for the visit was to see the underwear exhibition, seeing the history of what we dress ourselves in first thing during the day and being ever so close to designer wear, including pieces from Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen (my Queen and King of fashion - brb kinda fangirling!) Unfortunately, photography was off limits and I didn't have a little sketchpad with me, so I'll describe it for you here in three words: revealing, astounding, cheeky, beautiful, inspiring, gorgeous, #lingeriegoals

BUT BEFORE THAT, we killed the time walking around the quaint fashion exhibition there: past and present fashion is how I would best sum it up. I loved it because well 1) it's fashion and 2) good research for my fashion collection I'm working on at the mo. I'll stop talking and leave you to look at the piccies yourself (I know I blab on):


Lanvin - 1936. Yes please. 

Hips don't lie between 1755 - 1760 though

What I love about going to fashion exhibitions like this is I can really understand why such a garment was the fashion of that time. What I also love about seeing old fashion is questioning why and how and what in the world was going through their heads?? Take the fashion of the 1750's for example: wide-hooped skirts are a bit of an understatement to describe these enormous hip-enhancing structures that would take about half an hour (maybe more) to sit down on the loo...If women weren't fashionably late back in this day I would LOVE to know how they were on time. In all seriousness though, it is inspiring. The detail, the intricacy and the artistic nature the garments have are sublime - all the more reason to love fashion more and more.

After the V & A and a little lunch break in South Kensington, it was time to become a little kid again and everything in the museum came to life like in Night at the Museum, but nothing happened, If the spiders came to life, you would see a Vikki-shaped hole in the walls. Anyway, the place was vast! The museum kept going and going and going and going but I love my history and love exploring new places. There was even an area where you could experience what a earthquake would be like in a was a tad scary but still educational enough! I mean, if you haven't been, you should definitely go and visit to see everything there. You walk in, and you go up an escalator into what I can only describe as a asteroid or something like that - TRUST me, it's cooler than it sounds if you're like me.

Back on the tube we go to Covent Garden for a cheeky Nandos and a wander around the infamous market. Honestly, the atmosphere was so friendly and it was obvious that people we're loving selling their trade. There was a 4-person violinist band really getting into the spirit of things and it really did make it a cheerful place to be, especially as I was getting tired at this point in the day. I bought a cute little cat bag for mum for her birthday (which was today and FYI it's safe to say it was a good spot by moi) and there were other things I would've easily purchased too but I was careful with my money.

Covent Garden you hide beautiful surprises

So yes, we dined in Covent Garden before heading back to the hotel in Russell Square for a night in. The pain in our feet had doubled and frankly, my pyjamas were calling to me. The next and final day would prove to be another exploring day: a visit to the Tate Gallery and walk along the River Thames after travelling to Borough Market. Here's another little sneak peek for those of you who cannot wait:

All being well, Londone: Day #3 will be uploaded in a few days....but don't hold your breath just in case! 

Have a lovely Sunday evening and much love! 
V A x

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

LONDONE: Day #1 in the Capital

February simply flew by as it always does, so when it was the morning of the first day of a 3-day visit to London, I was excited to say the least. Considering it took me about half an hour to choose the suitcase I was going to pack the night before and about 2 hours on-and-off of what outfits I would want to wear...then yes, I was excited.


It was an early start. 5.45am I woke up to finish packing, made sure I had that London look going on (I won't be heading to London anytime soon so wanted to make a lasting impression...) and set off to meet the rest of the London squad before our train left at around 8.45. Luckily, adrenaline was getting the better of me and I didn't feel THAT tired.

Trying to act nonchalant. Check end of this post for outfit details.
Photo credit to Hattie.

We arrive just after 10 and the weather was that typical end-of-winter weather: sunny and cold. Walked to the hotel, leave our bags there and we went off to wander around Oxford Street and Berwick Street, dreaming about affording luxurious fabrics and wishing for an endless amount of money for an endless shopping spree. It was good to see a street full of fabric shops as being a fashion design student, fabric becomes part of the regular shopping list. I was able to purchase half a metre of silk organza and a few little haberdashery items for my collection I'm making ATM, yet I somehow didn't buy any new clothes (don't be disappointed guys) and simply absorbed the hectic nature of the London crowd surrounded by the infamous red busses and telephone boxes. Well, with the odd one decorated here and there... All of this made me realise that I would not be able to cope living in London. I mean, I am a city girl, but I am not ready to be a capital city girl! Just the odd visit will satisfy me. This was only my second visit in my whole life to London though so maybe after a few visits I could be ready to adapt to London life.

I'll keep dreaming, I think.

If I could have this telephone box, I would.

I still dream of buying the gorgeous Alexander McQueen bag from here
After a chill in Costa (and sorting out my other uni interview date) it was time to meet in Carnaby Street under the sparkly Union Jack sign and dine for the evening at...Frankie's and Benny's. Well when it was 2 courses for £14.95 we couldn't complain. I think it was fair to say I felt well fed on the day and ready to settle into bed for the night.

As you've read this, you've probably thought that it sounded boring or that I didn't do a lot but believe me, it was a tiring day! And my memory isn't serving me well so I'll blame this blog post on that. The next day was set to be even more tiring with a visit to the V & A planned in South Kensington and whatever else we felt like doing. Here's a sneak peak at the photography involved on Londone Day #2:

And don't worry, I took a lot more photos on Day 2 and Day 3 so there will be more visuals as well. I know I am uploading this 2 weeks and a day after I was here but better late than never. Also, uni work has been getting on top of me but it's no excuse for my lack of posts really. HOWEVER, I am always uploading on my Instagram so click heeeeeerrreeeeee to follow me and keep yourself updated on my life!

LONDONE: Day #2 will be uploaded same time tomorrow night so I shall see you then!

Much love!  V A x

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Semester 1: The Results

Good morning you lovely people. Hope all is well! Are you glad to see the back of January? I am, as you would understand if you read my previous post (click here to read) but I don't think I could have asked for it to end on a better note as it did.

January is horrible for students because we find out grades from the first semester and have exams and have deadlines. Exactly a week ago, I found out my 3 grades from 3 modules. And yes, I was bricking put it in friendly terms. It's that moment where you want to know your grades so you can stop waiting, as well as the moment where you will either by very very happy or want the ground to eat you whole right at that moment. I am not going to lie, I wasn't exactly dreading it because I knew I was much more organised compared to the first year. I slightly anticipated I wouldn't fail to say the least, but I knew there were things I could have done which could always make the difference between a fail and pass, pass and merit, merit and distinction. I walked into the classroom, shaking with nerves and anticipation and....


Distinction. Distinction. Distinction.

The grades which made me squeal in happiness and jump up and down in joy and smile so much! The hard work paid off and it has provided me with a great amount of motivation as I pursue in the last part of my final year of my foundation degree. Maybe my first year was a practice year. Not that it should be, mind you.

Aaaaanywaaaay, the grades have given me such confidence for my second university interview I have got in two weeks today. If a few of you follow me on my Instagram, I had my first one a couple of weeks ago for progressing further into the costume world. Now I was quite massively nervous about that. I think that could have been down to the fact it was my first professional portfolio I had created and it would represent me as a potential costume student and myself as a creative individual.

It went better than I expected because I was given an UNCONDITIONAL OFFER EEK!!!! Again, I was not expecting that in the slightest!! I had the email come through just as me and my boyfriend were en route to Liverpool for the night so that really did start the ball rolling on what turned out to be (and was already) a wonderful few days.

*By the way, Liverpool is a must-have-to-visit destination. The Beatles Story was groovy asf, the TATE gallery was serene and the shopping was as it should be: A - MA - ZING. We also watched our beloved football team knock out Liverpool in the 4th round of the FA Cup and see us progress in the 5th round for the first time in 10 years 😉 * 

Nothing like a little romantic getaway 💕

I'm not lying when I say the Beatles Story is groovy. Definitely worth the visit!

So yeah, this was a short - and terrible -  little update on my university studies so far. I post a lot about it on social media so why not blog about it? It's going to be hectic over the next few weeks, what with other university interviews and beginning to make my costume collection and helping to organise the end-of-year catwalk and exhibition - which I will blog about so watch this space - but I will aim to keep FAV updated as much as possible with decent content for you lovely lot to read.

To be honest, I don't think I have realised exactly how much I am expecting myself to create in my costume collection. I'm not panicking on the outside; however, the inside is panicky/code red/help/SOS situation. It will be fine.....!

On display at the TATE Gallery, Liverpool

I would love to hear how you have been getting on in your studies! Did you get what you wanted? Are you enjoying your studies? Are you finding it a bit stressful? If so, I am more than happy to write a blog post about how I am currently coping with university stress or anything that could help. Additionally, I would love to hear what content you would like me to write about so leave me some suggestions in the comments below OR let me know either on my Twitter or Instagram or even email me and I will respond!

Much love!
Have a great week everyone! V A x

Monday, 23 January 2017

Wake Me Up When January Ends!

Goodbye 2016...Hello 2017

Let's begin this post with a sincere apology for the lack of blog activity over the past month and a little bit. Truth be told, I have struggled for content ideas (and I had quite a busy Christmas period with university deadlines and spending time with loved ones and all that jazz). BUT, I am back on it now with a post about... the January blues. Well, sort of.

Winter walks in January

We all have it. The first month of the new year and everyone hates it. The time of the year where all the "new year, new me" posts fill eeeeeeeeeeevery social media timeline to which I always wonder how long their new persona will last. It's a load of sugar if you ask me. Yes, ask me. I tried it one year. Didn't last for a week. HOWEVER! Let us not focus on the present: let us focus on the future!

And by the future, I mean February.

It's all blue

I am speaking generally here but January does have the association of being a blue month and so I am absolutely desperate for the second month of 2017 to arrive, hence the title of this post. I know February is only 9 days away (and I did plan to have this published about a week and a half ago) but the days are p a i n f u l l y  d r a g g i n g. P  a  i  n  f  u  l  l  y. Let me analyse why the countdown to February 1st is dragging:

Number 1! It's Valentine's Day! (although this one will suck again because it's on a Tuesday and me and George won't be able to spend time together until the weekend :/...)
Number 2! It's 3 years since George and I first got to know each other through the wonders of Twitter and our mutual love for our football team (love you George <3 P.S. Do not text me saying I'm cringe)
Number 3! University interview at Huddersfield for costume and I am super excited and very very very nervous for it ahhhmygawwwd.
Number 4! KAISER CHIEFS! It will be my second concert since seeing McFly ages ago and our first concert as bf and gf.  Literally so cute.
Aaand finally....Number 5! LONDON BABY! A 3 day getaway with my uni gals, arranged by the university might I add. I never skive my studies. It's going to be shopping and food and sightseeing and taking looooads of pictures for memories. Oh, and OOTD blog posts. My London wardrobe is currently in process. Bye bye money. It was nice knowing you.
Number 5(a)! Pancake Day, and I will be in London as well so we shall be wandering the streets of the capital for some fancy pancakes.

This is why the countdown is dragging. February is going to be such an awesome month for me! Honestly, I never have such a socially busy month such as this so it really does make a great change. Of course it is going to be filled with the normal everyday university work but I am determined to not fall behind like last year...but I am also determined not to let it suck the joy out of what is going to be an fantabulous February.

This has been a bit of a short blog post because I am still a victim of the January blues. I think the lack of blog writing does not help in the slightest and I only have myself to blame for that and my lack of creativity. I think I need more inspiration and simply broaden the topics I usually focus on. But as February is only 9 days away and I have fantastic things planned for it, I think I can do no harm by writing a few lifestyle posts, an online diary possibly if that is what I can call it. I am thinking of writing one based on my university interviews (I have one this Thursday and need to add the finishing touches to my portfolio. Eeek.) and maybe have a post about how to get through interviews such as this? This calls for a blogging brainstorm, guys! If you have any ideas as what you want to see, let me know in the comments below and I'll see what I can magically type out.

I am looking forward to what 2017 brings me to be honest. It could potentially be filled with new changes and new opportunities: I will just simply take it as it comes. Who knows if this blog will progress into new opportunities?

For you reading this wherever you are, I would like to end with a quick thank you really. Whenever I publish a new post, I love seeing the amount of views it has had and where in the world it has been viewed. It's honestly so exciting for me to see that my name and my content is being read some place in the world I could only wish to travel to. Each post I have published, the views have increased and this really does provide me with the motivation I need to continue my blog. It is very early days for FAV but as I said, who knows what the future will bring?

February will be the start of my 2017, and I hope it starts with a bang.

Time for this girl to get some sleep. Wake me up when January ends, will you? 
Much love to you all! V A x

Photographs taken by George Turner and Megan Rhodes

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