Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I am 100% Autumn - Style Diary

8th October - Style Diary

There's something so satisfying about wearing new clothes out in the big city, showing how you wear the latest trend. For anyone that knows me, I LOVE my scarves and big floppy hats and boots and turtle necks - and now skirts. So when they can be matched in one look, flatter the figure and make you look ready for the autumn season, I'm ready to take on the cold after-effects of summer. I certainly was the other day...hence the 1000 photos - give or take a few - I scrolled through after a photo-shoot from my friends, Hannah and Megan (aren't they pros?)

There was a chill in the air on Saturday, but I felt as warm and as comfortable as an evening autumn fire after a long day. The pairing of dark green and burgundy and the contrast of textures are matches made in fashion heaven. It's a signature style of mine. Sometimes a last-minute outfit can be the one that people ask: "Did you plan this a week in advance?"

I'm looking to add a cosy cardigan to my autumn wardrobe to pair with my blue suede boots and this floppy hat....gosh how I love you Autumn, darling. 100%. 

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